Vape is relatively healthy

Vape in the world gradually popular, more and more people want to try, but a variety of accessories dazzling people, what does vape contain, how to choose?Is vape harmful?Can vape stop smoking?Here’s what you can learn about vape from personal experience:

What is vape?How is it constructed?

The vape is powered by a battery.It is a kind of thing that converts liquid tobacco oil into steam for people to smoke through the principle of heating tobacco oil by batteries.

Vape is not only a healthy cigarette replacement product, but also a fashion toy.More and more young people are joining the fashion circle of vape.

Generally, vape includes: host + battery + atomizer + smoke oil (DIY atomizer also needs silk making tools, cotton and heating wire).

Is vape healthy?

Current authoritative reports suggest that vape is relatively healthy because it does not use open flame and does not produce tar or carbon monoxide.The vape can also be used with a non-nicotine-containing cigarette oil or a cigarette cartridge.The UK government and the medical establishment concluded that vape was effective in reducing the risk of harm by 95 per cent compared with the real thing.

Can vape help you quit smoking?

Quitting smoking is mostly a matter of willpower.Vape and real cigarettes are completely different things, at the beginning some people may not be used to smoking, which is normal, stick to it.There is no denying that my good friend has been smoking for more than ten years and has successfully quit smoking after using vape, so of course vape is able to quit smoking.

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